Which version of 'Hello' do you prefer? Which caught your attention first? Which looks more contemporary? Does one look old skool? Cheaper impression versus premium look and feel? Amazing what the beauty of everyday typography can do when used in its various forms to get the desired and perhaps practical attention and use...

"First impressions last. No second chance to create a first impression". etc

Whether it's the application of the typeface for your favourite brand of food, fashion, electronics through to the font used in your everyday email and Word, the choice may be there, but ultimately decisions are made based on desired end result - which ironically is the 'first' impression.

I'll be sharing resources and insights into design aspects from time to time, check out this News section throughout 2015 for inspiration and information - and get in touch if you would like RACREATION to explore typography for your design needs:

  • new year new brand?
  • rebrand existing logo / identity
  • apply existing brand for digital design (social media/online graphics, print material)
  • create graphic overlays or text-based animation for video trailers/promo/adverts

No creative assignment considered too small, as we want you to create that big impression. Contact RACREATION